SMA Negeri I Surakarta


SMA Negeri (SMAN) 1 Surakarta is located at Jl. Monginsidi No. 40 in Surakarta, Central Java. It is one of the most favorite schools in Surakarta. The graduates of this school are so qualified that many of them play important roles in the governmental level.



Gambar: Pintu Masuk Sekolah yang Bersemboyan "The Spirit of School"

SMAN 1 Surakarta always makes improvements on all aspects, especially on human resources. We enhance the capacity of our teachers and staff members by providing training and development programs. We are also keen in upgrading our school facilities, such as laboratories, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), sports and arts as well as other kinds of facilities that can support the teaching and learning process in SMAN 1 Surakarta.